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Thankful for Community Support in Opening 

We are blown away by your support as we returned to full dentistry. It looks a little different around here since you are now greeted with smiling eyes instead of our usual bright toothy smiles. We have been wearing masks and thank you for wearing your face coverings in our common areas as well. We want you to know that our same wonderful staff is here to help with all of your dental needs even though it may take you a second to recognize us.

We opened our doors after about two months of only helping patients with dental emergencies. Thank you so much to our patients who are returning. We have noticed that many of you are apprehensive coming out of your safe homes. We are grateful to hear that because you know and trust us, you come with confidence that we are safe and clean even though you may have people who care about you who express concern when they find out that you have an appointment with us. We appreciate your communication. Each day is so bright when you check out with smiling eyes of relief and happiness knowing that you were just treated with respect and were in the best care in town. If you haven’t been to our practice yourself yet, you don’t have to take our word for it, our new 5 star reviews speak for themselves!

Fully Opening with Full Protection

Thankfully Dr. Brayer started researching and ordering the proper personal protective equipment and coverings back in March since many items were on backorder. The prices of the gowns, masks, shields, gloves, and other barriers have been raised to up to ten times their normal price and have also been rationed. Other industries such as hair salons are ordering some of these items and supply and demand has made the cost go up and the availability to go down. Dr. Brayer has always been big on prevention for our patients and that carries over to other areas as well. She was prepared in that we already incorporated most of the PPE in our daily practice and now that there is an increase in the layers we wear and the types of masks and the frequency in which we change them, since she ordered early we were able to start back with full confidence in the safety of our staff as well as that of our patients.

Beyond the PPE

When doing all of her research, Dr. Brayer made the decision to, like always, go above and beyond the recommendations. We have individual air purifiers in each room and in our reception area that filter out the tiniest of particles. She had a UV central air sanitizing system installed so that the air that gets recirculated gets cleaned. We have a couple of new high volume suction systems that we use in procedures that produce aerosols. At the beginning of the year, we made the switch to distilled water in the treatment rooms in St. Pete like we already had in Clearwater. This is just a glimpse behind the scenes of how we are doing everything to continue our motto of safety first.

Thank you for complying with the new curbside check in procedures and understanding about the masks and procedures. We have been working extra hours to be able to stagger our patients to better limit patients waiting either for checking in or checking out. Dr. Brayer wants to express her gratitude to our community. We are all in this together and we are pleased that we have this opportunity to continue creating smiles for you.