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Safety in Dental Offices

Many People have let their dental care slide which can lead to terible health consequences. “You should not be afraid of the dentist if you choose one with excellent safety protocols.” -Gayle Guayardo interviewed Dr. Brayer and shows what to expect at Creating Smiles Dental. This segment helps explain this by by following a patient from check in through the dental appointment. The safety protocols are in place. Dr. Brayer also warns of the affects of waiting to go to the dentist.

  • Portals for “paperwork”
  • Curbsite Check In
  • Hand sanitizers throughout
  • Staff temperature/health checks twice/day
  • Patient temperature checks/health screenings
  • Thorough cleaning and plastic barriers
  • full PPE
  • Minute Hydrogen Peroxide rinse
  • Dry Shield and other high volume suctions
  • Medify air purifiers in each room and other areas
  • UV air sanitizer in the central heat and Air

How the Pandemic has affected Dental Health

DO NOT WAIT to come in. We have seen such an increase of dental emergencies. We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our patients as well as the safety of our staff and keep our patients comfortable and healthy. We want the following dental implications to decrease by coming to see the dentist routinely.

  • TMJ problems due to stress and anxiety
  • teeth and crowns are fracturing
  • cavities are getting bigger
  • cavities turning into needing rooth canals
  • teeth aches that go longer than they should
  • periodontal disease

The moral of the story is that in order to keep a healthy smile, take care of your teeth at home, go to a dentist like Dr. Brayer at Creating Smiles Dental, ask questions to make sure the dental office is safe, then get back to the dentist. Do not put it off. Creating Smiles Dental has put a lot of effort into