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Wedding Smile Makeovers with Dr. Cindy Brayer and Creating Smiles Dental

Brides and grooms-to-be, there’s no doubt that you’ll be smiling on your wedding day, but if you’re wanting to improve your smile before the big day, the team at Creating Smiles Dental can help you get your teeth wedding-photo-ready. Dr. Cindy Breyer and her patient Brenton recently sat down with Daytime TV’s Maggie Rodriguez to talk about Brenton’s wedding smile makeover.

Like most dental treatments, the wedding smile makeover process is unique to each individual. As Dr. Brayer explained, “So when patients first come to our office, we want to talk to them and find out exactly what their concerns are and what they’re looking for in the smile of their dreams. Every patient has a different situation. Some are more simple concerns, like just wanting teeth whitening, while other patients have more complex concerns, like wanting their teeth to get straightened or having teeth that are not ideally shaped and they want to have a more proportionate smile.”

“What we do is perform a comprehensive dental exam, we take x-rays, and we figure out what the best options for the patient is to help them achieve the beautiful smile of their dreams,” she added.

Brenton, like many of our soon-to-be-married patients, came to see us and told Dr. Brayer, “I would like to transform my smile for my wedding day.” In his particular instance, Brenton had a noticeable gap between his two front teeth and he still had his baby canines, which had been worn down. In addition, Dr. Brayer noticed that his teeth were not proportionately shaped, with the two front teeth being much larger than the two teeth on either side.

“We wanted to see how we could get them to be more proportionate with each other. And so when I spoke with Brenton, he said that he wanted to close those gaps and have his teeth more ideally proportioned. But he was adamant that he did not want to lose his baby canines before his wedding,” Dr. Brayer said.

To give Brenton his wedding smile makeover, Dr. Brayer decided to start with Invisalign to close the gap between his two front teeth and to move his other teeth into their ideal position. You can see the difference in the before and after photos below.

Once Brenton’s teeth were properly positioned, we were able to apply composite veneers (also called Componeers) so that the shapes of his teeth were more in proportion with each other. In the photo below, you can see a much more beautiful smile transformation.

“Dr. Brayer and her team were amazing to work with, and they made it really simple. I was very satisfied and happy. It’s something I had wanted to do for years. When I came into the practice, you know, having the wedding coming up, it was time to get it taken care of,” Brenton said.

The entire process, from start to finish, took around 10 months and Brenton – and his bride-to-be – were thrilled with the results. Asked about what he thought of his smile before and after treatment, Brenton explained, “Before I had the procedure done, I was self-conscious about smiling with my teeth so I had a hard time actually finding photos beforehand to show you.”

Since his wedding smile makeover, Brenton isn’t self-conscious about smiling anymore. Just take a look at these photos of the happy couple on their wedding day.

As for the wedding itself, “It was amazing,” Brenton enthused. “You can see in our pictures how happy we were. It was a beautiful day. It was great that I had that extra confidence having had my teeth done. So I could just focus on the day and have fun and not have to worry about my smile on that day.”

If you are interested in having your own wedding smile makeover – or would like to improve the health and appearance of your smile in general – give us a call at either or St. Petersburg office (727-323-0377) or our Clearwater office (727-791-8823). We can’t wait to meet you!