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Though the appearance of crooked teeth can cause a loss of self-confidence, the truth is that a misaligned smile can also affect your oral health. At Creating Smiles Dental, Cindy Brayer, DMD, PA, and Phong Phane, DMD, understand that both appearance and health matter when it comes to creating bright smiles. The team also knows that traditional wire braces are sometimes painful and cosmetically unappealing. That’s why they offer the highly-effective, nearly invisible Invisalign® system to shift your teeth into proper alignment. Call the office in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Florida, for your Invisalign consultation, or request your appointment online.

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Invisalign Q&A

Accelerated Invisalign with Propel VPro+
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The Invisalign system uses clear aligners made from a specially developed thermoplastic material. These custom-made aligners are designed to slip over your teeth and essentially “disappear” once in place. Invisalign moves your teeth into alignment in a staged sequence that’s determined by your dentist.

Accelerated Invisalign is a system that we here at Creating Smiles Dental use to speed up your Invisalign journey, helping you achieve your desired results sooner.

If you’ve been told you aren’t a candidate for Invisalign, visit Creating Smiles Dental for a second opinion. They believe virtually everyone is a candidate and can work with you on a solution that fits your needs.

We are so excited to announce that we offer VPRO, which is used during orthodontic treatment to reduce your overall treatment time and relieve any orthodontic discomfort. The device operates at a high frequency, delivering gentle vibrations to give you the best orthodontic treatment yet. And get this, it’s just 5 minutes a day!

Your dentist discusses expectations with you before you begin treatment. It’s generally recommended for optimal results that you wear your Invisalign for 20-22 hours a day.

The length of the process generally depends on your age and the severity of your case. It varies for teens, but adults can generally expect treatment to take about 12 months. Most patients will come back every 4-6 weeks for a new set of aligners for the duration of their treatment.

Here at Creating Smiles Dental, we also offer advanced Invisalign techniques, such as VPRO and MOP’s. 

VPRO is a device that you put onto your teeth that vibrates at a very high frequency and works with your own biology to speed up the movement of your teeth. Pain-free and only used for a couple of minutes a day, using a VPRO device is a surefire way to speed up your Invisalign treatment! 

Additionally, we offer MOPs or Micro Osteo Perforation. When using the MOP’s technique, we place small dimples in your gums that cause micro-fractures in your teeth, speeding up the movement of each tooth! Just like the VPRO, this procedure is quick and painless! 

The VPRO is a wonderful device that not only speeds up the Invisalign process, but it also makes it more comfortable. By providing high-frequency vibrations, it leads to benefits such as 

  • Reduced treatment time by up to 64%
  • Accelerated tooth movement 
  • Reduced discomfort 
  • Improved predictability
  • Optimal aligner seating

Accelerated Invisalign Before and After

The before and after images below showcase one of our actual patient's progress after just six months of Creating Smiles Dental's accelerated Invisalign protocol.

Accelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FLAccelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FL

Full smile

Accelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FLAccelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FL

Upper arch

Accelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FLAccelerated Invisalign - Creating Smiles Dental - Clearwater & St. Petersburg FL

Lower arch

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“Dr Brayer and her staff are the best in the Bay. Scratch that, Best in the world, seriously too! Most gentle hands, like a magician. Fillings, crowns, the whole nine yards, they are perfect! If you’re looking for a Dentist, google one. If you’re looking for a family to be there for you, ones with compassion, empathy and professionalism, Creating Smiles in Clearwater is who you’re looking for. Call Dana and she’ll welcome you warmly. Stella and Jess are the best there too. Sorry to sound like a Love Fest review, but that’s how you feel when you’re with them. 10 Thumbs up and 5 Stars for Creating Smiles!” – James Rietz